Q: Who are you?

A: Hi, my name is Jessica Roberts, read more about me HERE.

Q: Do I have to pay shipping?

A: Shipping is almost always included in the free offer! Very rarely a SASE is required, but usually, you fill out your mailing info, and the freebie is shipped to you at no cost.

Q: Why haven't my free samples arrived yet?

A: I have found most samples come sooner than expected. Rarely I receive an email that notifies me a company is out of samples due to an overwhelming response (bummer). Contact the company you ordered the samples from for more information.

Q: Will I get a lot of spam email?

A: It's always a risk you take when giving your email address out, that the company (or even an employee of the company) will sell your email address to spammers. I recommend having a dedicated email address to use for free offers. However, I personally have not had a problem with spammers. Spam Avoidance Tips

Q: "Time is Money", doesn't this take a lot of time?

A: Finding coupons can be time consuming, so just start with the time you have. Many of the freebies I post send coupons right to you through the mail. You can find coupons online for free (see the Coupons.com banner below) if you are able to print them at home. Get the Sunday paper for the coupon insert as well. I have found that saving money takes less time than I feared, and the sense of accomplishment is fun for me!