Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saved 32%

Well, I did not meet my goal of 50% yet. Far from it this week! I think that's due to the fact, that I was low on several staples (sugar, rice, tea, etc.), and had to buy them without coupons. A large part of the fault also lies in the break I took from couponing when I was injured. Tonight I only used the coupons from the Sunday paper for the last two weeks, and a number of printables I printed off this blog on Saturday. I saved $82.00. My favorite coupon was for Scrubbing Bubbles, and saved me $6.47 on one item alone! I also got a few free things, due to Homeland's double coupon policy, including some salad dressing.

The checkout process was a little bumpy due to one expired coupon - how did that get in there? I must have picked it up around the house, as I can't imagine that a coupon from last Sunday or the previous one would be expired already. A sweet lady I did not know, checking out behind me (with a huge binder full of coupons - Good for her!) was nice enough to offer a coupon from her stack, for the same item, that was not yet expired.

 I love the community spirit that couponers have - they really just want to help others. Even tho I have not met my goal, I did save quite a bit with a minimum of effort, and had a good shopping trip.

My school shopping trip also went well.  I used the sales Staples and Office Depot had, and bought everything at Walmart.  My Walmart has circulars for other stores at the checkout.  As long as you know about the deal, and it is printed in their weekly ad circular, Walmart will price match.  My checker at Walmart was a lovely, helpful person, as well.

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